This is not for you

By you I mean the readers, if they have such things, of The Brummie.

The Brummie is a blog whose content is simply scraped from across the web: automated theft of words, pictures and attention. It turns out that my website is one that they pull from, grabbing at content from my RSS feed. I’d never realised.

One of the weird things about letting a site go fallow as I have done and then coming back to it with a new purpose is realising what people were using it for before. On Friday I happened to be sat next to someone from BCU marketing who casually said “I’ve just read your blog post Don’t call it a resolution“. “Oh I said, I’ve just posted it, how did you come across it?” “It’s on the School of Media Facebook page” she replied.

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Don’t call it a resolution

I’ve got a plan. I’ve had it for a while. It’s a master plan of what my (for want of a less awful phrase) web presence should be. And it’s been a barrier to getting anything done, anything written or shared. I still have that plan, but I’m going to stop letting it be a barrier.

So. This is not that plan, but I have stripped back this site to give myself a blank page again. It seems that, for me at least, a scorched earth is always the way forward.