#masocialmedia I need to crowdsource a reply to this email:

Wow, just got this email:


In these times of redundancy especially in your part of the country you should be ashamed.  How about getting a grant to see how some of Brums manufacturing industry can actually weather this storm.

Talk about “History Man” this is why academia gets such a bad name.


Am I going to get into a flame war replying to this guy?

What do you think I should reply?

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Jon Hickman

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  • Michael Grimes

    That it’s exactly because of the recession that we need to skill people up for new ways of making professional connections and doing business?

  • Michael Grimes

    Also a grant for analysing Brum’s manufacturing industry would be great, but hardly something for the School of Media.

  • jon bounds

    Just pass the ill informed nonsense on to BCUs comms dept, if it was to me I’d just delete, but I understand why you must reply.

  • Michael Grimes

    Actually, what Jon says 😉