Tried by a jury of my peers

Today I gave a presentation to our weekly research seminar at Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research. The seminars are a great example of the support structures for research that we have created within the centre over the past year. They provide a forum for centre members to share their work, and a space for us to meet other academics who are attending or even speaking as our guests.

We often present work as a practice run before attending an external conference, but in my case today I presented my paper from IAMCR 2010, which I am currently reviewing and editing so that I can seek publication.

Speaking to my colleagues (and indeed students who choose to come to the sessions) about my research was a daunting prospect but presenting to these critical friends proved to be a rewarding experience. I don’t remember having the same reservations giving this talk to a room of strangers, but I certainly didn’t get the level of constructive feedback I was offered by colleagues at today’s session. I’ve now got a number of important changes to make to the paper and feel suitably fired up to take this forward. I’m also looking forward to my next chance to share ideas with the group, and have discovered some new links between my work and work of colleagues.

Presentations are often recorded and end up on Interactive Cultures which demonstrates a lot of what we do as a group but if you’re interested in popping along, drop us a line.

I’ve been away. I have people to take my photos for me.


Thanks to AnaDubber and JJ, I didn’t have to lift a finger to document my week in Hamburg.

Here’s a week in other peoples’ pictures:

Hamburg, Ecrea 2010 – by Ana, and by Dubber and by Jennifer.

Thanks you guys for amping my shit and building my frand 😉 
I owe you all a pain au chocolate.

The laptop is the new suitcase


I’m sat with JJ waiting to fly home after a successful week’s conferencing. All week she’s been hunting for a sticker that sums up her trip. She just pointed out “laptops are the new suitcases” – the image of a suitcase covered in labels from far flung places has been replaced for a lot of travelling tech types by the laptop lid covered in stickers.

Incidentally, in a beautiful moment for postmodernism, we got authentic St Pauli stickers not on the street outside our hotel, but in an airport boutique. We’ve spent all week in a wonderful shabby chic district, only to find that the symbols and badges of ownership are available to the corporate traveller who hasn’t stepped outside of the Radisson Blue.

I resisted the offer of a Sankt Pauli FC baby grow for my son – yours for €15.00 – and have contented myself with nicking a spare sticker from JJ.

My paper to ECREA conference – further reading

The following are papers, chapters, and web pages I touch on today in my paper What’s the hash tag? Folksonomy, brand, and control: organising and owning conversations on Twitter at ECREA’s 2010 conference in Hamburg.

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