Social capital: you’re doing it wrong*

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*not really. I’m being provocative, but I do have some ideas about another way of using the concept when talking about the Internet.

I wrote a brief piece over at Interactive Cultures last week, which was a neat distillation of a lit review I’ve written about social capital and a key point from my paper, which I presented to IAMCR 2010. Here’s the blog post and here’s the inevitable Flickr photo of my IAMCR badge (I collect my name badges)

Video Cultures – only £1.00 per night

This week I’ve contributed two posts to Video Cultures, a new joint from two BCU colleagues. In their own words Video Cultures is:

a research project looking at the history and cultural significance of the medium of video with an emphasis on the sale, rental and collecting of video formats. Developed by Dr Simon Barber and Oliver Carter, researchers from the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research at Birmingham City University, the project will initially gather oral histories from video shop owners, collectors, industry professionals and the general public. This research will then form the basis of a published academic work and subsequent documentary film about video shop culture in the UK.  

My two posts: