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Unfamiliar Tools

So, last week I presented my 2nd year new media class with unfamiliar tools in the hope that they would think more deeply about their practice. We aimed to produce a publication that fills the gap left by the lack … Continue reading

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Hyperlocal discourse: the new media & technology repertoire

After last week’s seminar presentation, I’ve been asked to clarify the repertoires that I think inform hyperlocal discourse. Those three repertoires again: New media / technology Community & alternative media Professional / commercial media I’m going to begin by unpicking … Continue reading

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On the printing of photos

This tweet reminded me of something that amused me (I’m easily pleased). It was my son’s 1st birthday last month, one of those occasions where all generations get together. We’re fortunate enough to have four generations of my wife’s family still with … Continue reading

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Apple keynote events: the Macguffin of mythinformation

Tonight saw the latest Apple “Special Event”, and the launch of some new shiny kit and software from Cupertino. This seems a timely opportunity to plug a project I’ve helped out on for Sage publishing.  CommunicationSpace is an online community space … Continue reading

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Enabling digital participation in Higher Education

OK so being as Ana and Jen (part 1 & part 2) blogged about posters, I guess that means it’s what we do now. So here’s my regulation blog post about a poster. A few summer’s ago Dave Kane, Anita … Continue reading

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