Tote Amazeballs – a half baked idea for tomorrow

Ok, so I have a half-baked idea and you might be able to help before I actually throw it together.

When I was a lad we always used to have a flutter on Grand National Day. I’ve not done that for a long time now. I’ve become increasingly uneasy with the idea of the Grand National with each passing year to the point where I’m a bit said that I ever took the pound my Mum gave me and chose a horse. The debate around this race and racing in general seems to be picking up too, or maybe I’m just tuned into it now.

Anyway, what I’m thinking is this:

  • Tomorrow I’m going to give a donation to a horse sanctuary – it’s my own each-way bet on the nags, and I think I’ve picked  a winner
  • I thought “if I tweet about that other people might too”
  • I then thought “I could set up a Just Giving Page for it”
  • I then mentioned it to some friends and the idea of a sweepstake emerged, so we could give a prize to one person who donates

Is this a good idea? I dunno. I’ll do a donation anyway. Here are my questions:

  • Does this make sense?
  • Is it useful?
  • What shall we call it?
  • Who can offer a prize?
    • Prize idea 1: a “vintage” Totopoly set from someone’s loft
    • Prize idea 2: a case of booze from a booze brand who wants to do something guerilla to spoiler John Smith’s sponsorship of the event.

Let me know, and I’ll do WHATEVER YOU SAY

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  • simon gray

    Yes, definitely a good idea.

    Something else people might care to do as a matter of guerilla protests is something I did – or rather tried to do – yesterday afternoon.

    It occurred to me that betting shops don’t just offer bets on what you see in the window – you can walk into a betting shop and try to place a bet on almost anything within reason.

    So I thought, what if I placed a bet on how many horses will die this year? With the intention that if I got it right, I’d donate the money to a suitable horse charity.

    I went in to William Hill, Jennings Bet, and Paddy Power yesterday lunchtime to try to place such a bet – at all three the person behind the counter didn’t know what to do, so phoned up their phone contact for advice, who each time refused to take the bet, with the last place also adding “to be honest I doubt if anybody would accept a bet like that”.

    So if people wanted to do something which made a little point (ultimately it probably wouldn’t change anything, but at least it would send a message), maybe they might like to try going in to their local betting shops and trying to place that bet?

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