Digest of my Twitter contacts’ budget summaries

  1. Simon Whitehousesiwhitehouse@jonhickman We’ve bought the handcart, now in which direction does it need pushing?
  2. Richard Tunstallrtunstall@jonhickman In: New cars, environment, innovation, savings Out: high-earners, booze, petrol, fags, growth, public sector, recovery, Labour?
  3. Toby Nuttertobynutter@jonhickman how about a one word synopsis: despair.
  4. John Pollingpollingj@jonhickman sure….we’re screwed….as usual 😉
  5. John ColbyJohnColby@jonhickman 6 word synopsis – This month’s pay rise has gone.
  6. John ColbyJohnColby@jonhickman 3 word synopsis – It’s not good. 2 word synopsis – We’re stuffed. 1 word synopsis – TAXES!
  7. Paul JenningsPaulJennings@jonhickman you’re paying more and getting less!
  8. Julia Higginbottomgabysslave@jonhickman
    we’re f*cked, we’ll spend, we’ll recover, we’ll pay taxes forever &
    then our children will pay even more taxes! did that help?

  9. brumblogbrumblog@jonhickman Stock up and pray.
  10. LeeallenphotographyPhotosbyLee@jonhickman we are doomed….

By Jon Hickman

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