From the Interactive Cultures Blog – Hyperlocal media: discourses and repertoires

I posted a brief report on the IC blog about my talk today to the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research. This was a dry run based on the first draft of a paper I’m giving to the MeCCSA conference in January – all of it drawing on my PhD work.

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Postscript: This post was my first use of IFTTT to cross post from the work blog to here. You can now ask IFTTT to create draft posts in WordPress, so I’ve got a recipe that generate a draft post for me every time I write on that blog. It replicates the entire post as a draft and provides a back link. I’ve written this post from scratch so it’s more of a way of forcing this cross post into my document queue. I’m going to be doing this to make theplan an aggregation of all the different things I’m writing. That’s the idea, anyway.

By Jon Hickman

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