How to NOT play @cluedo

It’s not the first time in my life I’ve been accused of breaking twitter, but I was a little surprised when @dubber told me I’d done it again.  The nice thing about twitter is that even when being curmudgeonly, people in the community can be helpful.  Dubber shared his own way of not playing @cluedo, which is also a handy way of blocking any meme you don’t have the time for.

He uses Tweet Deck, and has pointed out the under used filter button:

the off button

I suppose the other way round it is to leave Twitter for a bit.  The three @cludeo games so far have been short and late at night, so it’s easy to opt out by using technology, or by going away and having a nice cup of tea (which solves everything).

Happy guessing.

By Jon Hickman

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