How to play @cluedo

@cluedo is a twitter based guessing game.  The idea is simple: test your powers of deduction and your knowledge of twitter-folks by working out who is running the @cluedo account.  To play you simply need to be on twitter and follow

Notes for Guessers

I’m a game. Read the advice. Follow me, @reply me some questions, guess who I am. Possibly win a prize perhaps.

  • My tweets will be honest answers to questions. 
  • I will post at least once an hour while I’m online.
  • If there are no questions, I will tweet a clue
  • Once you have asked me THREE questions you are allowed to guess my identity.
  • When I’m identified, I’ll close the game, and favourite the winning tweet, then pass the account off to a new player of my choice.
Please note, these are not so much rules as guidelines.  This is a community game and we’re not sure that rules have a place  or much value: over time the community will evolve this game as they see fit.

Notes for @cluedos

So someone has put you in the hotseat?  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Confirm you want to play and wait for the username and password to be sent to you
  2. Login, and start playing!
  3. Favourite the winning tweet and confirm the end of the game
  4. Select someone from your network and invite them to be @cluedo. We suggest you ask them to reply to you in a certain timescale
You should at least do the following, but once you have the keys it’s your game:
  • always be truthful, but feel free to be evasive
  • follow anyone that follows @cluedo during your play
  • you can request retweets or for new followers to “hello @cluedo” but shouldn’t illicit followers in any other way (it’s more fun and tells us more about Twitter if we allow the @cluedo network to grow organically from the twitter stream and through hearsay)
  • have fun
Make up your own tactics, put on a silly voice, ask questions from your main alt: it’s your game, play it your way.


This game was made up by @bounder and @jonhickman over a pint in the Hare of The Dog, which is the shed at the bottom of the Treehouse‘s Garden.

By Jon Hickman

Hi, I'm Jon. I teach and research digital culture, social media and new media practice at Birmingham City University. Find out more about me with this lovely CV: Find out about my work at the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research: