If you’re Reading this I’ve downgraded my phone to iOS3

iOS4 was fun wasn’t it? I could zoom when taking photographs, and tell people what I was reading instead of what I was Reading. But when you’re phone crashes out from Safari every time you load it, and when there’s a 30 second delay between key strokes on your keyboard, it’s time to either get an iPhone 4, or downgrade the OS. I’m too tight for the former, so the latter it is.

I’ll kind of miss the combined mailbox, and I’m a touch worried that some of my apps may have done a weird iOS4 only upgrade. Fingers crossed it’s all good.

I’ve only waited so long because I’m busy / lazy, but it seemed a perfect “bank holiday while the baby is napping” kind of job. Here’s the how to – since it was written RecBoot downloads two different programmes, hit the readme file and it says “RecBoot Exit Recovery is used to exit recovery only” so I used that instead.

By Jon Hickman

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