On the printing of photos

This tweet reminded me of something that amused me (I’m easily pleased).

It was my son’s 1st birthday last month, one of those occasions where all generations get together. We’re fortunate enough to have four generations of my wife’s family still with us. A great aunt gave my sister-in-law her digital camera for the afternoon “take me some photos please”.

The result?

Leyla, as a 20-something photography graduate burned merrily through a 1GB memory card; the Great Aunt came back from Boots with a few hundred photos to sift through.

At one end of our family tree photographs are consumed digitally, or at least filtered through a computer and selected down to a definitive record. Capture everything, then filter. Every possibility is shot. Crazy angles and experiments are go. At the other end, photos are rare and precious and you don’t know what you’re going to get until you print them. 

By Jon Hickman

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