Poppadoms: the rules


When ordering a take away curry, the situation around poppadoms may be confusing. Here’s a handy cut out and keep guide to explain how it works

1. The order guy doesn’t mention poppadoms
Result: you receive 1 poppadom per main dish ordered. In most cases that is one poppadom each. No charge is levied. This is generally the right amount of poppadoms and is an optimal situation for you. Try to make sure poppadoms are not mentioned when you order.

2. The order guy asks if you’d like poppadoms
Result: this depends on your response.
If you say “no thanks” you will receive no popppadoms.
If you say “yes please” you will receive 2 poppadoms per main dish ordered, i.e. 2 per person. You will be charged for half of the poppadoms. This is the least desireable outcome and you have failed at ordering.

This formula also often works in an “eat in” context.

Your poppadoms will come with what is loosely termed a “mint raita”, one of various types of onion salad, and either a mango chutney or an unnaturally red chilli sauce.

By Jon Hickman

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