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I’ve been asking around for a while for a way to record voice calls on my iPhone. I don’t have much call to do this, but there have been a few times when it would be handy it seems obvious that the phone should do this (it makes calls, it has a voice recorder), but it doesn’t. My BCU colleague Paul Bradshaw has also been asking the same thing; he teaches journalism, so his needs for this are greater than mine. The apps that would do this do not work in the UK for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense.

Urbanfly on Twitter spotted this little hack to record an iPhone call:


How to record calls on iPhone:1. Be in call with person
2. Hit the button to add a call (the +)
3. Type in your phone number
4. It will go strait to voicemail
5. Once you hear the beep, it will start recording
6. When you hang up the call, you will get a voicemail of your recording


(source: macrumours forum)


Which is OK, but you can’t download a voicemail to a computer for archiving. So here’s another little hack to manually dub your voicemail to your computer.


Android users can do all this much more easily – they should feel free to flame us Apple fan boys in the comments below – but should remember our phones are ++shiny. And if anyone else has answers, let me know.

By Jon Hickman

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  1. Set up an account on then:1. Be in call with person2. Hit the button to add a call (the +)3. Call your unique ipadio account4. Enter your pin5. End the call with the #You then get a recording on ipadio Iit actually broadcasts live as well!)which is also downloadable as an MP3.See the interview with Mike Summers this morning – that’s exactly how I did it…..Cheers Mark (CEI

  2. mark, thanks for the tip (and the service).i’ve been looking for a solution and this is perfect and FREE.i was so desperate that i found this post while looking for instructions on how to build a simple hardware recorder!a few notes:i would suggest calling the ipadio number first to make the transition smoother with the person you are calling. there will be a little silence at the beginning of the recording, but the person on the other line won’t be kept waiting.also, between step 4 and step 5, don’t forget to press the “merge calls” button.

  3. Hi,I just wanted to say thanks to John, Russ, and Mark.I’m doing some phone interviews and this looks like the perfect solution.Hope it works well! I’m going to test it out tomorrow.Thanks!iPadio looks to be a cool solution for recording calls this way!

  4. Thank you soooooo much. I have to do an important interview today and you just made my day!

  5. Nice discussion there.The opens a massive new world of opportunities when it comes to voice podcasting….

  6. Voicemails only last for a maximum of 4mins …. what about a 2 hour conference call at work?!?!

  7. Seriously? Use something else.Make the call yourself from Skype and use a recorder on your computer- I use Audio Hijack on the mac.

  8. All of these solutions miss the point. The most frequent use is when the person at the other end says something you want to jot down, say a time and date of when to meet, or an address, or directions. What is needed is a single button push to record the call on the fly. In a business situation, you don’t want to keep the other person waiting while you call your own number, etc. Often you don’t know ahead of time you need to record a conversation. It would be great to be able to set a switch to automatically record your most recent conversation every time and then give you a chance to save it if you need to.

    1. I’m not sure that they do – the post was written about a specific context, which happens to be different to yours. I do like the idea of the app you describe though.

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