Social media job descriptions and interviews

This week I’ve asked my Twitter contacts for help. I need copies of job descriptions for creative industries jobs (basically design for web & print) for a class exercise coming up in a month or so.

I didn’t get that much feedback (but thanks to the folk who retweeted and who did write to me). The responses I did get were from businesses which you could broadly say worked in social media, and were start ups. To summarise what they said:

Job descriptions and job titles are so passé

The emails I got said things like ” we don’t really do those” or “job titles don’t fit with what we do”. I also heard accounts of recruitment happening through online and offline networks to fill posts in a very loose and informal way. And yes Twitter loomed quite large over that.

I’m not sure how much of this is an outward display of cool – a hipster ethos at the heart of the business – or how much of it is “actually we kinda didn’t get round to that because we’re still learning what we do”. I’m also a bit hazy on the legals of this sort of thing. How do you discipline someone without a JD if they let you down? How do they progress, and get regular reviews if they have nothing to shoot for? One for the HR folk out there…

I still need those JDs if anyone has them

By Jon Hickman

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