Summer holiday reading – a £15 Kindle store challenge

I’m going to be taking a good chunk of annual leave soon, so I’ll need some sort of summer reading list. Rather than looking at a broadsheet for a list of unlikely awards fodder, I thought I’d put this out to my pals, to see what ideas they have. Some of you make me jealous with your knowledge of good reads, so don’t let me down. Oh, and I thought I’d make it a challenge with some daft rules designed to unearth some gems.

The rules:
  1. spend no more than £15.00;
  2. I must be able to load everything onto a Kindle (but I don’t have to get it from Amazon);
  3. you can list as many titles as you like, but all of the categories (below) must be covered;
  4. you’re allowed 140 characters to sell each selection to me;
  5. try to pick something you think I haven’t read.
The categories:
  1. a literary classic;
  2. something by a new author;
  3. a page turner of a thriller;
  4. something which is stylistically interesting;
  5. a short story, or series of short stories.
If you don’t know my reading tastes: I enjoyed A-level English Literature very much; my favourite author is Iain Banks; my favourite novel is The Crow Road; my favourite trashy airport novel writer is Harlan Coben; the most interesting novel I’ve read in terms of language and style is Ridley Walker.

So what do you reckon? Tell me below in the comments. Please do big up your favourite new author, unearth some free gems, or share with me the classic you read at A-Level and why it’s important I read it.

I promise to tell you which I read* and share my thoughts. 

By Jon Hickman

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