The laptop is the new suitcase


I’m sat with JJ waiting to fly home after a successful week’s conferencing. All week she’s been hunting for a sticker that sums up her trip. She just pointed out “laptops are the new suitcases” – the image of a suitcase covered in labels from far flung places has been replaced for a lot of travelling tech types by the laptop lid covered in stickers.

Incidentally, in a beautiful moment for postmodernism, we got authentic St Pauli stickers not on the street outside our hotel, but in an airport boutique. We’ve spent all week in a wonderful shabby chic district, only to find that the symbols and badges of ownership are available to the corporate traveller who hasn’t stepped outside of the Radisson Blue.

I resisted the offer of a Sankt Pauli FC baby grow for my son – yours for €15.00 – and have contented myself with nicking a spare sticker from JJ.

By Jon Hickman

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