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I’m filling out a form that is being used to capture some information for our REF narrative. Part of that is about my online profile, and part of that asks me to describe how I use Twitter. So this has all led me to distil a few things that I’ve always said about Twitter as follows:

I am active on Twitter, and my feed is a mixture of discussion on my own work and the work of the school, engagement in debates related to our knowledge and research, stupid jokes, swearing, speaking my mind on issues of which I have no expertise and talking about lunch. I believe you need to do all of these things to make Twitter useful.

[this isn’t a criticism of the form and the people getting it will not be in the least bit surprised to read those words – I just wanted to share it, apropos of nothing].

By Jon Hickman

Hi, I'm Jon. I teach and research digital culture, social media and new media practice at Birmingham City University. Find out more about me with this lovely CV: Find out about my work at the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research: