Veg, part 2

So, I have an allotment now. It’s on White Farm Road, which is near the house. The Four Oaks Allotments are on a split site with the other plots around the corner on Four Oaks Common Road. We have our own social club with a club house that people can hire for things. It’s all pretty sweet.

I’ve not done anything with it yet, and frankly I don’t quite know where to start, but I got lucky as the plot is in good nick so it should just be case of plan and plant.

Weirdly I’ve already become a scavenger of stuff: I’ve nabbed a large wooden trunk out of a skip at my son’s nursery. It’ll be a temporary store until I can work out what to do about a shed, and then it’ll be some sort of planter.

So, yeah. Allotments are a thing.

By Jon Hickman

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