When I had an authentic Glastonbury experience

It seems to have been Glastonbury weekend this weekend. That traditionally means that people come out telling you that Glastonbury jumped the shark and it’s not like it was in the old days. So there’s no point in going really is there? After all you won’t have an authentic experience.

I had an authentic Glastonbury experience in 2002. Here’s how I know:
  1. I got lost on the way to the Festival site.
  2. The car I was driving nearly didn’t make it. We burned more oil than petrol and the engine smelled like it was about to catch fire when we parked up.
  3. I saw a band I thought I hated and I was genuinely surprised.
  4. I was disappointed by a hero.
  5. I abandoned my mates at the main stage to watch one of my favourite bands elsewhere. Although I was alone it was the best gig I’ve ever been to.
  6. There was a band I really wanted to see, but I can’t remember if I actually did see them.
  7. I bought some tat from some “hippies”.
  8. When I went to V Festival I complained that it all felt a bit aggressive compared to Glastonbury’s vibe.
  9. rock legend died, and all the acts played tribute songs; I downloaded his back catalogue when I got home.
  10. I bet it’s not been as good since I went.

By Jon Hickman

Hi, I'm Jon. I teach and research digital culture, social media and new media practice at Birmingham City University. Find out more about me with this lovely CV: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/jonhickman Find out about my work at the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research: http://interactivecultures.org